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Graduate Course

Course Code

(Red Mark is EMI Course)

Course Title Notes
MI5010 Cryptography  
MI5014 Technology Research and Thesis Writing  
MI5108 Management Decision Making  
MI5109 Advanced Algorithms  
MI5110 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery  
MI5111 Advanced Topics on Information Security  
MI5112 Electronic Business  
MI5117 Information Security for Web Services  
MI5118 Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Business Applications  
MI5124 Information Security and Risk Management for IoT applications  
MI5125 Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics  
MI5126 Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning EMI Course
MI5127 Development and Design of Security Protocols  
MI5128 An Introduction to Theory of Provable Security  
MI5130 Data Mining EMI Course
MI5131 Supply Chain Management  
MI5132 Cybersecurity and Risk Management for Smart Manufacturing  
MI5211 Management Theory and Practice  
MI5215 Service-Oriented Enterprise System Management  
MI5217 Statistics and Data Analysis EMI Course
MI5223 Emerging Information Technologies and Business Innovations EMI Course
MI5224 Innovation and Entrepreneurship  
MI5226 Intelligent Operation  
MI5228 Platform Economics with Ubiquitous Technology  
MI5229 Information Technology and Organizational Behaviors  
MI5231 S.T.E.M. Education Practice  
MI5234 Managing Digital Transformation  
MI5235 Service Innovation Management: Research and Practice  
MI5236 Software Engineering and Management  
MI5237 Big Data Analysis  
MI5238 Performance Assessment  
MI5300 Multimedia Information Systems EMI Course
MI5303 Management of Information Technology  
MI5307 Project Management  
MI5309 Information Systems & Management EMI Course
MI5410 Strategic Knowledge Management  
MI5413 Network Flow Models and Applications EMI Course
MI5510 Technology & Law  
MI5512 Technology and Innovation Management  
MI5601 Electronic Commerce  
MI5607 Case Study Research  
MI5801 Advanced Technologies on Web Services  
MI5803 Leadership and Communication  
MI5804 E-Commerce and Digital Marketing  
MI5907 Seminar on Information Management (1)  
MI5909 Seminar on Information Management (2)  
MI5910 Special Topics on Quantitative Computing and Information Security (I)  
MI5912 Special Topics on Wireless Networks (I)  
MI5913 Special Topics on Multimedia (I)  
MI5914 Special Topics on Multimedia  
MI5915 Special Topics on Wireless Networks (II)  
MI5916 Special Topics on Algorithms (I)  
MI5917 Special Topics on Algorithm (II)  
MI5918 Special Topics on Quantitative Computing and Information Security (II)  
MI6002 Gigabit Networking EMI Course
MI6006 Research Methods  


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