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Learning Goals

For undergraduate students:

  1. Students will be able to work in teams to adopt a holistic view of the business discipline.
  2. Students will have fundamental knowledge of the business discipline.
  3. Students will have the oral and written communication skills necessary for working in a business environment.
  4. Students will have information technology skills necessary for working in a business environment. 
  5. Students will have an understanding and practice ethical standards in a business environment. 


For master students:

  1. Students will be analytical and critical thinkers in major functional areas of modern business.
  2. Students will have in-depth knowledge in an area of specialization.
  3. Students will have enhanced communication skills.
  4. Students will have enhanced information processing skills.
  5. Students will have advanced understanding and adoption of ethical practice in a business environment.


For Ph.D. students:

  1. Students will function independently as a competent researcher in the business discipline.