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The department is not currently enrolling English program of undergraduates.

The table below shows the curriculum plan for the Chinese program of undergraduates.(From Fall 2021 Enrollment)



Academic Year

 First   Second   Third   Forth 
Semester  Fall  Spring  Fall  Spring  Fall  Spring  Fall  Spring
Required for University  

Social Practice(1)、English(12)、Chinese(6)、General Education(15)

Physical Education(0)

 Physical Education(0)  Physical Education(0)  Physical Education(0)  Physical Education(0)  Physical Education(0)                                          
Professional Required Courses Professional Basic Course

Calculus (I)

(Non-commerce background)

Management and Business Ethics

Calculus (II)

(Non-commerce background)

Introduction to Information Management

Statistics (I)

Mathematics for Management

Statistics (II)  

Operations Research (1)


Professional Core Course

Introduction to Computers

Applied Programming Language
(Commerce background)

Object Oriented Programming Language

Software Programming
(Commerce background)

Data Structures

Database Management Systems

Smartphone Application Design and Implementation

System Analysis and Design

Information Networks

Special Topics on Informational Management (I)

Management Information System

Special Topics on Informational Management (II)  
Graduation Credits The graduate credits of the undergraduates of the department are 128 credits, including 34 credits of Required for University, 58 credits of professional basic courses & professional core courses, and 30 credits of minimum professional electives (MI course code).
Professional Electives Courses 
  • Information Security Category:Information SecurityNetwork Security、Introduction to Information Security、Electronic Commerce Security、Case Studies on Information Security Practices、Information System Security and Management、Management of Information Security...etc.
  • Information Technology Category:.NET Programming Design、Algorithms、Computer Graphics and Information Visualization、Webpages Development、Advanced Object Oriented Programming、Discrete Mathematics、Theory and Practice of Database Transaction Processing、Cloud Computing Technology and Practice、Introduction to Data Mining and Text Mining、Operating Systems...etc.
  • Software Engineering and Management Category:Software Engineering、Software Quality Management、Software Project Management...etc.
  • Enterprise Systems and Management Category:Supply Chain Management、Knowledge Engineering、Marketing Management、Organizational Behavior、Business Law、Practice and Thoery of Entreprenurship、The Practice of Entreprenurship...etc.
  • Graduate Course open to Senior Category:Fundamental and Practice on Mainframe Operating System、Electronic Business、Multimedia Information Systems、Strategic Knowledge Management、Electronic Commerce、Information Security for Web Services、Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Business Applications、Cryptography、Strategic Information Systems Planning、Management Theory and Practice、Software Security、Applied Statistics、Data Mining、Mobile Computing、Information Security and Risk Management for IoT applications、Technology Transfer and Licensing、Technology & Law、Intelligent Operation...etc.

※Elective courses can be added or suspended as needed, and the number of credits, class hours, semesters and teachers can be adjusted.

Note.  ※Students in the business admission channel (restricted to those who are classified as asset management) are not allowed to study economics and accounting. Change to application language and programming as a compulsory course.